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2 Nu Releases!


I guess we’ve been a little silent lately, quietly streaming along. Apologies if we worried you. But we’ve been here all this time, spreading our continental feathers, dipping toes in new tars. Or something like that?



“On May 6th, 2014 Prom Night Records will release two more special circumstances:
Alejandro T. Acierto’s Amid These Traces and Jacob Wick & Shane Perlowin’s Objet a.”

Jacob Wick & Shane Perlowin - Objet a - CoverAlejandro T. Acierto - Amid These Traces - Cover Art

(Sorry to yell. Just a little excited. These records are reeeaaalllly swell.)

One’s an LP and one’s a cassette. Can you guess which is which?

Check back in a few days to hear it all. Or listen to our other releases HERE.

Website Upgrades

Updates HappenHey.

We here at Prom Night Records are going through some upgrades to our site…

And we’re not the fastest wizards.

…so please be patient…if it seems a little, ah, off.

In the meantime, our shop page still looks…great.

Thanks for dropping by!

your prom night playlist, vol 1

cover art for 'your prom night playlist, vol 1'We appreciate you.

A while ago, January maybe, we created a sampler mixtape remix mash up out of bits of many of our releases from our first two years.

Click the image or the link below to download our little sampler scrambler.

How about that.

Download: your prom night playlist, vol 1

Here’s what you’ll be listening to:

Track 01 – “Yolt 1 (Eriki Eso)“ by YOLT
Track 02 – “My Clarinet Teacher” from Pine Barren by holus-Bolus
Track 03 – “where men drink jet fuel and throw harpoons at something bigger than themselves” from After Party Vol 1 by Owen Stewart-Robertson
Track 04 –  ”DoTW” by Buckminster
Track 05 – “God’s Girlfriend” from Where My Dreams Go to Die by Tres Hongos
Track 06 – “Binding-Releasing I” from After Party Vol 2 by Katherine Young
Track 07 – “with the laundry hung in the cool May sun” from ninety-two by Old Salt
Track 08 – “Triangle” by Obscure Directions
Track 09 – “Bill n’ Nancy” from Portend the End by Twins of El Dorado
Track 10 – “Entropy” by Natura Morta
Track 11 –  ”Profound and Accomplished, We Win” from Beijing Olympics by Make a Circus
Track 12 – “Track 1” from F$F! by Five Dollar Ferrari
Track 13 – “Purple” by Swirm
Track 14 – “Liek” by Sunshine Soldier
Track 15 – “Box Piece” by TrumpetTrumpetSynthesizer
Track 16 – “Chirps” by VaVatican +  text from Darkminster

We released another record. It’s called Anomonous.

Anomonous Album CoverAnomonous Released!

Along with our release of Glitterbomb, the debut recording of Sweet Talk, we’re proud to release another debut. It’s a self-titled release by another trio, Anomonous.

Check it out here.

The trio Anomonous (Josh Sinton, amplified contra-bass clarinet; Denman Maroney, hyper-piano; and Ben Miller, tapes, voice, found sound), was initially formed as a recording ensemble to supply music for filmmaker Marc Riordan’s project, Fish.

Inspired by the themes of the film and a noire-ish aesthetic, their single, forth-five minute session produced strange and mysterious music unlike anything else.

The original session has been divided into many smaller pieces that can be listened to either individually or as one continuous performance.


Glitterbomb Released!

Sweet Talk - Glitterbomb

Hey Hey! New music!!

The band is Sweet Talk. The album is Glitterbomb.

Hear it, buy it here.

Glitterbomb is the debut recording of Sweet Talk, a Brooklyn-based trio led by trumpeter Jake Henry and featuring guitarist Dustin Carlson (Sunshine Soldier, Five Dollar Ferrari), and drummer Devin Drobka (Sons of Daughers, Jerry Bergonzi Quartet).

Some say it’s an eclectic and slowly morphing mix of lyrical melody, harsh noise, and intricate fingerpicked guitar. Oh, and Glitterbomb is a challenging and consistently surprising recording.


DANCE and Portend the End Available March 1st, 2013


hungry cowboy: DANCE and Twins of El Dorado: Portend the End will be available for sale as downloads and CDs come March 1st from our store.

hungry cowboy is Jacob Wick, tumpet; Briggan Krauss, saxophone; Jonathan Goldberger, guitar; and Mike Pride, drums.

On DANCE, hungry cowboy performs Jacob Wick’s graphic compositions, loosely based on the emotional landscape of Cormac McCarthy’s southwest novels. These scores meld traditional musical notation with drawings, and text from McCarthy’s prose.

DANCE is being released as a limited edition of 100 CDs, with packaging designed by Wick – they look terrific!

As we’ve mentioned before, Portend the End is a collection of new art songs for voice and trumpet. Also a debut recording, this album features words and music by Kristin Slipp (Cuddle Magic, Art Bears Songbook) and Joe Moffett (Ad Faunum, Inzinzac) as well as a text setting by composer Wes Matthews.

Before March 1st, be sure to check out the digital version of Portend the End.


Portend the End is Available (as a Digital Pre-Release)

Twins of El Dorado: Portend the End Album ArtworkHey Hey Hi!

Sorry about the extra high voice today – we’re just really excited about our next two releases… *hungry cowboy: DANCE and *Twins of El Dorado: Portend the End.

The full releases will be on March 1st, but we got a little over-eager and made Portend the End available here-now as a digital pre-release.

Read a little more about it, why don’t you:

“Portend the End is a collection of new art songs for voice and trumpet.

This debut recording from Twins of El Dorado features words and music by Kristin Slipp (Cuddle Magic, Art Bears Songbook) and Joe Moffett (Ad Faunum, Inzinzac) as well as a text setting by composer Wes Matthews.

Portend the End engages the listener with incantations and sound rituals that blur the line between the serious and the comical, the meaningful and the absurd.

Slipp and Moffett let their personal styles mingle to create bizarre and beautiful new pieces for their unconventional instrumental pairing.”

Now listen to it!


Two New Digital Releases

Hey There,

Prom Night Records is proud to announce new digital releases from holus-Bolus and Katherine Young!

holus-Bolus is the brain child of saxophonist/clarinetist Josh Sinton. We’ve been releasing it in pieces over the past month, and the full version is finally available.

Katherine Young’s release is part of our ongoing composer series, After Party, and includes accompanying videos by Michael Kenney.

More info, purchasing and streaming here:


Katherine Young

[Video by Michael Kenney]

holus-Bolus ‘Pine Barren’ Released!

Hey there!

You wouldn’t believe how long we’ve been waiting to tell you all about Josh Sinton’s holus-Bolus release, Pine Barren.

However, Josh says it all a little better than we Prom Queens could ever muster a mutter.

So… over the coming weeks, we’ll be releasing Pine Barren one big mouthful of words and music at a time.

Here’s the start of it:

Week 1:

Words: Prolog(omania) [it’s a pdf!]

Music: Prolog(omania)