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Where My Dreams Go to Die

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released 3 January 2012

*released in association with Molk Records. Physical CD-Rs available here: molkrecordreleases.blogspot.com

Tracks 1 & 3 recorded live at Audio For the Arts, Madison, WI, by Steve Gotcher, January 2011.
Tracks 2, 4 & 5 recorded at Strobe Recording, Chicago, IL, by Nick Broste, June 2010

Mixed at the Shape Shoppe by Nick Broste.
Mastered by Todd Carter

Photo: ‘Mojave Desert, California (Bottle of Piss)’ by Greg Stimac. Design by Amanda Raber.

Tres Hongos:

Jacob Wick – trumpet
Marc Riordan – piano
Frank Rosaly – drums

All compositions by Wick/Riordan/Rosaly