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your prom night playlist, vol 1

cover art for 'your prom night playlist, vol 1'We appreciate you.

A while ago, January maybe, we created a sampler mixtape remix mash up out of bits of many of our releases from our first two years.

Click the image or the link below to download our little sampler scrambler.

How about that.

Download: your prom night playlist, vol 1

Here’s what you’ll be listening to:

Track 01 – “Yolt 1 (Eriki Eso)“ by YOLT
Track 02 – “My Clarinet Teacher” from Pine Barren by holus-Bolus
Track 03 – “where men drink jet fuel and throw harpoons at something bigger than themselves” from After Party Vol 1 by Owen Stewart-Robertson
Track 04 –  ”DoTW” by Buckminster
Track 05 – “God’s Girlfriend” from Where My Dreams Go to Die by Tres Hongos
Track 06 – “Binding-Releasing I” from After Party Vol 2 by Katherine Young
Track 07 – “with the laundry hung in the cool May sun” from ninety-two by Old Salt
Track 08 – “Triangle” by Obscure Directions
Track 09 – “Bill n’ Nancy” from Portend the End by Twins of El Dorado
Track 10 – “Entropy” by Natura Morta
Track 11 –  ”Profound and Accomplished, We Win” from Beijing Olympics by Make a Circus
Track 12 – “Track 1” from F$F! by Five Dollar Ferrari
Track 13 – “Purple” by Swirm
Track 14 – “Liek” by Sunshine Soldier
Track 15 – “Box Piece” by TrumpetTrumpetSynthesizer
Track 16 – “Chirps” by VaVatican +  text from Darkminster

Yolt August NorthEast Tour

Yolt (David Grollman, Weston Minissali, and Nathaniel Morgan) tour schedule:

Monday–August 8th – Binghamton, NY @ Pajama/Kazama w/ Doll Eyes and Catacombz
Tuesday–August 9th – Montreal, CA @ Le Gagibi Mardi Spaghetti
Wednesday–August 10th – Montreal, CA @ L’Envers
Thursday–August 11th – Portland, ME @ Strange Maine
Friday–August 12th – Lowell, MA @ 119 Gallery
Saturday–August 13th – Parsonfield, ME @ Kit’s Place

Monday–August 15th – North Hampton, MA @ King Street Manor w/ Happy Jawbone Family Band, Cloud Becomes Your Hand and VampyramidfF
Tuesday–August 16th – Manhattan, NY @ Papa Cookie w/ Five Dollar Ferrari
Wednesday–August 17th – Philadelphia, PA @ Highwire Gallery w/ Toshi Makihara
Thursday–August 18th – Philadelphia, PA @ Vox Populi Gallery w/ Ricardo Lagomasino and David Fishkin
Friday–August 19th – Washington D.C @ Pyramid Atlantic
Sunday–August 21st – Baltimore, MD @ House Show